Frequently Asked Questions

With no installations or software downloads required, our software works from anywhere in the world using a browser and a high speed internet connection. Remit Anywhere provides a central point of management for exchange rates, services charges, and user management.
We offer a free demo of the Remit Anywhere software. When you would like to select a plan we provide options tailored to your business needs.
We offer ownership options to large enterprises and banks. Get in touch to find out more.
Security infrastructure revolves around the following guidelines: physical security, operations security, network infrastructure, and environmental controls. Physical security is audited by independent firms annually and entails locking down and logging all physical access to data centers, which are limited to only authorized personnel with 24×7 onsite staff. Operational security is maintained through business processes and policies that follow security best practices and are continuously monitored. With high-performance bandwidth provided by multiple network providers, we eliminate single points of failure throughout a shared network infrastructure and monitor network route efficiency. Our environmental controls, such as dual power paths into facilities, flood protection, and uninterruptable power supplies help mitigate the risk of service interruption caused by natural events.
We provide flexible plans with a monthly subscription. There are no minimum commitments, and you may chose to sign up with a Free plan and upgrade to Lite or Pro versions based on your business needs.
The system provides for unlimited users, branches, agents, currencies, and countries. You may choose a volume-based pricing or a flat per transaction fee to pay for the monthly services. You can also switch between different payment plans as your business needs change.
Yes, you will be able to create payee agents or create a supervisor account for managing your distribution.
Yes, the system can be used in any country for domestic or cross-border transfers.
Yes, the system offers an online customer module. With no installations or software downloads required, our software works from anywhere in the world using a browser and a high speed internet connection.
The system provides transaction activity, profit & loss, and commission & liability reports. In addition, we can provide data for importing into an accounting software of your choice. We also offer complete integration with accounting software for our Enterprise clients.
In the United States only and on a case-by-case basis, we can introduce you to our network partners who may be able to help with bank accounts. However, bank accounts are subject to your state of incorporation and remittance license.
In the United States we can help you file for a remitter’s license in any of the 50 states.
Yes, you can set up agent credit limits and reconcile their accounts with daily or weekly deposits.
Yes, for a consulting and customization fee, we can migrate your existing data to help you with the software transition.
It takes 2 to 3 days to set up at your business location and 8 to 10 days for the online customer module.